4x4 The New Sports Car

Published: 08th June 2011
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Sports cars and 4x4s have a lot in common. And lately, for many drivers, the 4x4 has become the new sports car for several, proven reasons.


Today's 4x4s offer superb performance capabilities. They have powerful, high horsepower, sports car-like engines. This gives them outstanding acceleration ability. So many 4x4 drivers love that rush of excitement that comes when they bang down on the pedal and start launching forwards, just like in the highest quality sports cars. In addition, a four wheel drive is much more versatile than a sports car due to its roominess.

Agility - Easy to Handle

More sophisticated and advanced braking and suspension technology along with much better improved tyres allows today's 4x4s to truly drive like some of the finest, most expensive sports cars. They feel precise and supple when a driver sits behind the wheel. The traction always feels extremely solid. They can easily be driven at high speeds on major highways and drivers can effortlessly change from one lane to another with incredible stability and a sense of security equal to the best made sports cars. The stopping distances have become much shorter due to disc brakes being installed at all four wheels instead of less efficient drum brakes.


The majority of newer 4WD's have been designed with such stylish impressiveness that their curves and exterior body lines resemble the sleek, aerodynamic look of many sports car models. Their styles have become so appealing that more and more buyers are choosing them just for that reason alone over much smaller sports cars. They're designed with an elegance, flair and flashiness thatís very hard for buyers to resist. Most of this is a result of the body angles, but some of it has to do with the very attractive sports car styled wheels, many made out of lightweight titanium and coated with flamboyant chrome. These are enormous temptations to buyers who are considering choosing between a four wheel drive and a new sports car. And just like the sports car used to be, it's now considered a status symbol to own and drive a gorgeous, new 4x4.


The newest sport 4x4s have become lighter and lighter due to the state-of-the-art manufacturing materials used at the building factories. This lightness gives the 4WD a true sports car feel, and it also makes the best of them quite efficient at the gas pump, just like the highest priced sports cars have become. Add to this the versatility of being able to carry large items and haul multiple people around in supreme comfort and it's easy to see why the 4x4 is replacing the sports car as the more popular vehicle. Its lighter weight also contributes greatly to its agility and performance capabilities on the open road.

Aggressive, Competitive Drivers Love Them

Most sports car drivers often drive at higher than average speeds and in an aggressive way. They also seem to be much more competitive on the road with other drivers as they weave from lane to lane. It's a very similar pattern with 4x4s. Many buyers are risk takers as well and they enjoy the ruggedness aspect of a 4 x 4 as much as they delight in its performance, agility and style. 4x4 drivers also tend to be more assertive on the road because they get into the psychological mindset that their 4 x 4 is simply an invincible automotive machine, much like luxury car drivers feel. Because of this, 4x4 drivers have come to often feel a sense of driving superiority much the same as sports car drivers.

Hugh McInnes loves everything about driving a luxury car. He also loves tootling around in his new sports 4x4. Hugh is always up-to-date about new 4 wheel drive vehicles and never loses an opportunity to drive them and tell of his experiences.

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