How to Find the Best Car Dealers in Sydney

Published: 03rd January 2012
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Looking for good car dealers can be a headache, but the Internet makes things much easier than it was in the past. By searching online, shoppers can look for local car dealers from any location with an Internet connection by using their laptops or Internet-capable mobile devices.

With such a large number of car dealers in Sydney, finding the best ones will take a bit of research. A good way to start is to use a major search engine like Google. Make sure to use the Australian version of Google.

One of the advantages of Google is that it allows users to set their location, so that search results from their local area receive more prominence. Users can also add their location to the search query in order to get more localized search results. Use specific search terms like “Sydney car dealers” or “Sydney used car dealers.”

Google Places and Google Maps

When users enter local business search queries on Google, they will normally see a list of Google Places and Map results at the top of the search engine result page (SERP). Google Places consists of business pages, most of which are managed by the business itself, that provide information for consumers like the store address, business hours, menus, products, services, etc.

Companies achieve top listings on Google results based on a combination of factors including popularity, favourable reviews, keyword relevance and location. In many cases, the Places pages include pictures and videos of products and the store location.

The reviews on Google Places pages are also very helpful in assisting you to find the best Sydney car dealers. A new car dealership may have less customer reviews, but you can still find information in most cases by conducting a more detailed web search.

Car dealer comparison websites

Another great option for finding the Sydney car dealers is to use one of the many consumer comparison websites. These sites provide data on a variety of dealers that is often focused on specific market locations.

Major search engines like Google are useful for finding such sites including those that are specific to the Sydney area. Many of dealer comparison options include prices and discounts, and many also allow users to sort and filter results in order to narrow down dealer listings.

Most sites will not cover all dealers in the area, so users may want to check more than one comparison site. In some cases, visitors can also find user reviews and ratings offered for each car dealer.

If the reviews and ratings conflict with each other, as they often do, it often pays to research the subject more thoroughly to help in making a final judgement on a particular dealer. It is not unusual to find on a single site, an equal number of users praising and condemning a specific car dealer. Alternatively, a company could have favourable reviews on one comparison site, but unfavourable ones on another site.

While this can be confusing, there are some ways to help in resolving such issues. For example, car shoppers can ask around to see if any friends, family or co-workers have any experience with the car dealer. They can check to see if the company has won awards like ‘best new car dealership’ or whether it has industry accreditation or membership in professional organizations.

While price is a major concern especially for those on tight budgets, it should not be the only factor to consider when looking for good Sydney car dealers. The best dealers will provide customers with the vehicle that is optimally suited for their needs.

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