Off Road 4x4 Accessories for 4wd Vehicles

Published: 16th November 2011
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An off road 4x4 vehicle is made for outdoors adventure. It will get you to the most remote destinations and through the most adverse road conditions, but once you are out there in the wild, you will need special equipment to operate safely and autonomously. In the following paragraphs Iíll list some of the most useful accessories for all 4wd vehicles. They will provide you the comfort, safety and versatility that you will need when you are on your own.

Electric winch

Prevent being stranded with this essential device that will take you out when you are axle-deep in the mud. You can use it to pull yourself or to help pull somebody else out of the muck. For hauling and rescuing operations an electric winch is one of the most useful accessories you can get for your off raod 4x4. Itís electric motor is designed to pull thousands of pounds effortlessly, consider it extra muscle with plenty of reach that will pull you out of trouble when things get difficult. An electric winch is a must for any well equipped 4wd vehicles.

Fog lights

The fog lights will improve your vision of the road, not only in fog conditions, but in general poor visibility conditions like rain, snow or dust. The distance of illumination is not very different from your regular lights, but the fog lights will enhance the side visibility with a wide and low light pattern, reaching a wider zone without offending oncoming 4wd vehicles, making your driving more comfortable by reducing eye strain.

Cargo racks

The cargo tracks can be mounted both on soft and hard tops, and depending on the model, can take large loads of hundreds of pounds. You may need this extra space for long excursions where you need to transport a lot of stuff without sacrificing passenger space. They are built with stainless steel or coated with heavy duty paint, and add very little weight to the unit when not in use. They are very handy for transporting luggage and camping gear.

Air compressor

An air compressor is a great accessory for an all terrain vehicle. It can inflate your tyres right away when you are far from a station, or can be used to fill your overload air bags for leveling a 4wd vehicle. It can also be used for other purposes, like inflating boats, balls or inflatable chairs. The portable compressors will save you space since they can be stored in a corner of the vehicle. Though, once you have one you may want to consider adding an air tank.

High Intensity Discharge Lights

This powerful type of lighting produces more light than that of regular halogen bulbs, while consuming much less power. They replace the filament of the conventional bulbs with a capsule of gas that is excited by the discharge of two spaced electrodes sealed in a quartz glass envelope capsule. The special voltage needed for this type of lighting requires the installation of special ballasts to control the voltage and current. The resulting light has a good color temperature very similar to natural daylight. Good illumination is especially needed in off road conditions when driving at night, it increases safety by allowing one to see obstacles and threats from a distance, permitting the driver to react in time.

Internal strength and performance are essential elements in off road 4x4 driving greatness, however without 4wd accessories, it is very difficult to drive in all terrains. Therefore it is important to ensure that your 4wd vehicle has the right 4x4 accessories to improve vehicle reliability, performance and longevity.

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