Take A Scenic Drive Through Western Australia

Published: 01st March 2011
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As Australia's largest state and the second largest subnational entity, in the world, WA is a force to be reckoned with on the continent and beyond. Another great feature of Western Australia is that most of it is bordered by the Indian Ocean; that's pretty hard to beat. If Britain had great Caribbean beaches with a Mediterranean climate, it would be WA. Why Britain? Due to Western Australia's atypical and complex colonization history, the main ethnic group can trace its ancestry to Britain. And with its rich and diverse flora, fauna and eco-regions, Western Australia is always a sight to behold. Take your time and enjoy the view, you never know what treat WA has in store for you.
If you want the most dynamic scenic drive around Western Australia, start at Rockingham. It's a mere hour from Western Australia's capital, Perth, and a very convenient starting point. Plus, it is a great place to set the tone for the rest of your journey and it is very emblematic of Australia itself; Rockingham is a place of adventure. If Disney and SeaWorld merged, Rockingham would be the result. Get your feet wet and enjoy snorkelling, sailing, surfing and fishing in this quaint seaside town. But also remember to relax and take in this scenic beach paradise. Get to know the fifty different species of birds (out of the 540 species of bird found on WA alone), meet the penguins of Penguin Island and keep an eye out for the continent's rare sea lion.

East of Perth lies Beverley. Far removed from Beverly Hills, Beverley transports you back to a simpler existence. Immerse yourself in the quotidian, local experience. Drive through farm country and marvel at how far technology has come. Beverley takes such pride in its history and culture that wooden cotton wheels and washing boards are celebrated. The wealth of museums, traditional farms, flora, and landmark buildings make Beverley a perfect getaway. However, you can shake things up before leaving Beverley by driving up to County Peak. Not only can you take in stunning and scenic views, but you can do it over a former volcano.

If you can appreciate the majesty of a volcano, then make your way to The Great Forest Trees Drive. Situated in the middle of a glorious national park, reconnect with the splendour of some of the oldest trees that soar up into the sky. Choose out of the many designated picnic stops and eat among green greatness. It would be worth your while to go on stretch your legs and go on foot to the national park's dam.

End your adventure at Denmark. Here you will get all the amazing perks of the ocean and WA's amazing trees. Plus, you can enjoy all of the art galleries and wineries that dot the landscape.

Obviously, going Down Under will never keep you under the weather! Enjoy Australia!

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