Ten Great Features of Convertible Cars

Published: 20th January 2012
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Cars themselves hold a mystique that just can't be matched. Unlike practically any other part of life, cars tie into our personalities and help define not just who we are, but who we want to be seen as. Some people are truck people, while others practically live for luxury cars. Somewhere above all this, though, enjoyed by just about anyone who has ever climbed behind the wheel and blasted down a coastal highway, is the convertible.

Convertibles are all-purpose vehicles
While you wouldn't want to take a convertible off-road necessarily, they do double duty as both commuter vehicles and fun vehicles. The popularity of convertibles is a testament to the enduring fun of just going for a drive.

Convertibles can be hardtops, too
While you might think of the traditional canvas top when you think of a convertible, the truth is that just about every convertible car on the market today has an optional hard top. This helps to increase the structural rigidity of the car, improving performance, while at the same time giving you the practicality of a hard roof.

Convertibles make cheap dates
If you're ever strapped for cash, and are on the hook for figuring out where to go on a date, a convertible itself can be the date. Pack a picnic lunch, fold down the roof, and head for your favorite local driving road. Once you get to the scenic road, unpack the picnic in a pretty spot and have your lunch.

Convertibles can be inexpensive
Most convertibles are expensive when new, but picking one up that is four or even ten years old usually results in purchasing the car with low, recreational vehicle kilometers on it, and at as much as half the price when it was new. In addition, if you drive your convertible as a recreational vehicle, avoiding excessive wear and tear, it can qualify for a lower insurance rate. It will use less fuel, will require less frequent maintenance, and fewer parts will break over the long term.

Convertibles get you noticed
Everyone stops to look at a convertible car, regardless of how cheap or expensive it is. Most people do this because they wish that they could be behind the wheel of a convertible at that precise moment.

Convertibles last forever
Because convertibles tend to be driven primarily as recreational vehicles, they tend not to be subjected to the kind of wear and tear that is common on commuter vehicles. Due to this, you'll find that a convertible's lifetime will be nearly double that of a normal commuter vehicle.

Convertibles make great sports cars
Convertibles typically have reinforced chassis components to make up for the loss in structural integrity caused by removing the roof. This places more of the weight of the car nearer to the road, helping to improve the car's cornering ability and handling.

Convertibles store easily in the city
Convertibles tend to have shorter wheelbases than sedans or SUVs. They may even be smaller than some compact cars. This smaller stature means that a convertible may be easier to find parking for while you're in the city.

Convertibles typically include all the upmarket options available from a manufacturer
Convertible cars tend to be what are called "halo" vehicles, within a manufacturer's lineup. This means that convertibles are usually top of the line luxury cars, equipped with all the very best hardware available at the time. From advanced traction control systems to special engine configurations and even upgraded stereos, most convertibles are strictly top-shelf items.

Convertibles are exclusive
The simple truth is that not everyone owns a convertible, but a good many people would love to drive a convertible. This in itself is more than enough reason to carefully consider buying one for yourself.

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