The Benefits of Owning a Small Car

Published: 09th June 2011
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There was a time, many years ago when we believed that oil reserves would last forever and muscle cars would rein the world. Those days are long gone, very long gone. Eight cylinders, 458cc engines are a thing of the past. Today people of all ages are trying to restore the balance of Nature; they are trying to be green and ecological. People want to buy and ride in small cars.

There are many options in the market and they continue to multiply as vehicle manufacturers start to see the benefits of having their own small, "green" cars. They are called green because they have less gas emissions than most of the cars built five or ten years ago. They are green because they do not run only on oil; some combine it with electricity or bio-diesel and many other fuels which are not fossil or contaminant.

Small cars are really not that small, in fact manufacturers have managed to make them comfortable to ride in. A small car today allows four adults to ride in it without a problem. The point of small cars is not really to cruise around town with all your friends; the point is to save fuel and to clean the air we breathe. This is why car manufacturers have invested fortunes and cleaning their cars and making them smaller. Soon everybody will drive a small car; they will not be able to afford a large one.

New models have great advantages over the cars we are driving today, the first of them is parking space, and a small car fits anywhere and everywhere. The fact that they are small does not mean that they are not fast and efficient. In fact some of them will go as fast as and even faster than normal size cars using less gasoline and producing less pollution. That in itself is important and something to keep in mind. Their interior is the same as any larger car, they have air conditioning units and heaters and every other comfort found in the larger models.

There is no real reason why you should not own a fuel efficient small car, unless you are part of a family of twelve and then, you could buy three small cars to travel together or; just take the bus wherever you are going. Small cars are attractive, they look like race cars and their efficiency and starting speed makes them favourites to the new generation of green teenagers. When you see them on the street they are painted with vivid colours, they are extremely aerodynamic, they celebrate the Earth.

If you are planning to buy a car soon give some thought to our planet, it is the only one we have. Years and years of smog and pollution have almost destroyed it. Now is the time for us, for the people who live in it to nurse it back to life. When you buy a small hybrid or electric car, you are not sacrificing anything, maybe a little space, besides this it is a perfectly normal car. It will race and it will take you and your date or friends to wherever you want to go, near or far, this does not matter, they are built to last and to give you all the pleasure you want from them.

The only difference between a small car and the car you have now is that the small car will save hundreds of gallons of fossil fuel during its lifetime. It will save you hundreds of dollars too. It will decrease emissions into the atmosphere, emissions that are killing us day by day. For every conscious person that buys a small car there is an older polluting car that dies somewhere. Think about this and when the time comes, make the right choice, for your children and your children's children.

Hugh McInnes is a car lover addicted to driving fuel efficient small cars. Hugh believes that small cars are greener, better for our environment and will also save you lots of money.

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