What Is DSG And How Does It Benefit Me?

Published: 06th December 2011
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DSG is an acronym for Direct Shift Gearbox. It can also be referred to as dual clutch transmission. It has been discovered to have better performance than any other gearing system that had ever been used before. It has the capability of changing the gear of an automobile quicker than any other gearing system around. Aside from being able to quicken gearing transmission, it can also give the driver more control of the automobile while it increases the power output of the vehicle. Instead of manual gearing system, automobile owners will do well to go for this particular gearing system as it tends to add more pleasure to the experience of driving.
Several automobiles are including it in their productions these days. The manual and other forms of gearing systems seem to be going out of fashion since the Direct Shift Gearbox had come to being. Any vehicle without it can as well be referred to as being archaic.

Origin of the DSG

The Direct Shift Gearbox has a history behind it. An earlier version of the gearing system was called the Sequential Manual Transmission. The DSG is an advanced version of the SMT. The clutch of the SMT is controlled through computer. It also makes use of the stick system just like the manual type of gearing system. The only difference is that the former is completely automated unlike the later. With the aid of the SMT, it is possible to derive easy power transmission between the wheel and the engine. This ease in power transmission is due to the dual coupling system used by the Sequential Manual Transmission gearing system.

Why the change from SMT to DSG?

Improvement on the SMT to DSG became very necessary due to the limitations observed in the former. There is need to disconnect the transmission between the engine and the wheel before the gear can be shifted. It became very necessary to look for something that will be able to overcome this kind of limitation; and that brought about the development of the Direct Shift Gearbox. With the aid of DSG and its accompanying twin clutch system, it becomes very easy to evade the challenges posed by the manual form of gearing system and SMT.

The design structure of the DSG

The DSG is designed using a twin clutch. The twin clutch comprises two transmission systems. Between the two gearboxes lies a pair of clutches. The two transmission systems provide different speeds in the twin clutch. While one is in control of the even number gears like two, four and six, the other is in control of the odd number gears like one, three and five. The two transmissions work together simultaneously. When the car begins to move, one will be in the first gear while the other will be in the second gear. This makes it possible for the clutch to easily switch from the first to the second gear without any manual intervention. Once the gear is automatically shifted from the first to the second, the odd gearbox disconnects itself from the first gearbox and moves to the third. It awaits the clutch to switch from the second gear to the third one. When the second gear is released by the clutch, the even gearbox sets itself on the fourth gear pending the time the clutch will shift from the third gear.


The Direct Shift Gearbox is able to perform such automated gear selection as a result of its computerized nature. It is able to decipher the speed of the vehicle to determine what the possible gear shift should be. Its features present invaluable improvements to both the manual and SMT gear transmission systems.

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