What to Look For When Buying a Family Car

Published: 20th June 2011
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Choosing the right car to fit the needs of a family is a difficult and large decision to make financially as well as practically. The car gets families to and from sporting events, school functions, family outings and much more. So itís not a stretch to say that the lives of most modern families revolve around the family vehicle. Seeing the importance of the family car, itís only wise to thoroughly explore every option available, and to assess features and accessories that can make life easier.

The first thing to take into consideration when looking at possible family vehicles is the size of the family. A family of six has very different vehicle needs than a family of four or three. Itís also a good idea to look at the activity level of the family as well. Some families are constant movers, continually going to and from destinations with three kids and a German shepherd. While others arenít nearly as busy and have a lesser load to consider. This distinction can make the difference between the purchasing of an SUV or a Sudan. Just keep in mind that all persons and baggage in a vehicle should have a comfortable amount of space, not only for practicality but also for safety concerns.

The next aspect to make a note of is the fuel economy and overall cost of the vehicle. Every family has to watch their budget and maximize their dollar, and buying a vehicle is a major expense. So ensuring the best options available for a set budget is vital. The type of car, whether it is a Sudan, SUV or Minivan is the largest factor in fuel costs. And the type of car depends on the sizing of the family. Assorted car models also have different mileage standards, so researching various brands and models is a good idea. Although fuel costs are one of the largest financial factors, there are also insurance payments, purchase payments and other costs that can make or break a purchase. Later used models are a good way to go to save money. Also, the different types of models all affect insurance costs, so that should be taken into consideration as well.

Car Safety features are one of the most important things to explore after the car of choice has been chosen.

Assorted safety features such as antilock brakes (ABS) and the placement and type of airbags installed is a good starting point. Some cars even have the latest technology of airbags that can detect a personís size, weight and closeness to the airbag. Some vehicles come with a rear camera that can see past blind spots, and noise indicators when something is sensed while backing up. Also, if a family has smaller children that require a safety seat, itís paramount to make sure that the seat properly fits inside the car. A child car seat that is either too large or too small is extremely dangerous, so itís advised to take the car seat to the dealership to test it out before buying. Some cars, however, come with built in child car seats depending on the model and brand.

There are other automobile features that can be useful to families such as: in car DVD systems that can be useful for keeping children occupied on drives, keyless opening of doors for multitasking, power outlets for appliances and many others that can be helpful to any family. Another good idea is dark upholstery or leather seating. Children spill things, this cannot be helped but with leather seats clean-up can be easier. Also, dark upholstery can downplay the appearance of stains.

Hugh McInnes is a family man, he thinks car Safety features are one of the most important things when choosing a car for your family. Hugh also believes that car performance and fuel efficiency are factors that should be taken into consideration when buying a car. The greener the vehicle the better it is for our environment and for your pocket.

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